About me

Hello and thank you for visiting my website 🙂

Here is a bit more details about my career and my interest.

I studied Geography and Town and Country Planning at University. I worked for some time in this field but quickly realised that I needed to be outside in more direct and close contact with that earth I had learned so much about.

Lot of thinking led me toward gardening and I studied again for a few months to learn about it and get a gardening diploma. I then did social work related to gardening. All of that was when I was living in France. I then moved to the UK where I am now working as a gardener.

I traveled and moved a lot: growing up in Paris, studying in the Alps, Erasmus in the UK (and now living there), internships in Argentina and Spain to cite the main locations. I am really interested in getting to know other cultures as it enables us to take a step back, understand better others and understand better oneself. Languages are an extraordinary part of those travels and understanding. It is fascinating to realise how different languages express a same thing in different ways.

I love Flamenco dance and music. I think it is important to have fun while learning. I am curious about the world around me, about its difficulties and its beauty.


Make sense of and plan better those spaces we live in. Make sense of the spaces we live in: understand them to be able to care more for them. How we interact with those spaces and between ourselves. Plan better those spaces to live in a sustainable way.


How languages enables us to understand each other and to understand different cultures. How languages varies with time, culture and people. Have fun trying to make sense of those languages. Broaden our thinking.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries